Wedding Photography

The beautiful days of one's life covered from the beginning till the end of whole event side. We have neatly covered up all sorts of wedding styles that vary from one community to other, one place to another, from land to sea and much more. From the traditional way to fancy ways we accurately capture the colors of your wedding event with values added as a superb service.

Wedding Videography

The moving frames scooped up from all the possible corners of moving frames. The days & nights of visual joy seamlessly, even from the skies with drones flying around on the air. The artistic effects to album cover variants are shot in great backwaters, foggy mountains, lofty indoors, blossoming shrubs, through the shades of trees, on the banks of seas and much more.

Candid photography

The snap that involves the natural frame of the bride and the groom and the unexpected ones are always special. A picture tells the entire story of your day and it speaks more than the word which comes orally. Flashing a perfect shot is quite a difficult task and with the seamless options, we serve the desire of your fortune.. Configured and designed under high graphics .

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We Build perfect photoes and creative capture for your events.
Wedding album designs

Designing is an art of a professional designer who gives the vision perfect looks to every snap and makes your eyes unbelievably special.

Celebrity Wedding

The complete style of life is set-off to capture down in the abbey for the silver lining celebrity bid day! Wedding showers, bachelor parties

Wedding Videography

As we said before the video side reflects just not the special snaps, in fact, it does cover-up the whole time that flows from the pre-wedding shoots to the post-wedding time.

Wedding trailers and movies

The pre-wedding shoots, on-day shots, outdoor shoots, post-wedding packs etc. are mixed up together with proper alignment to form a wedding trailer video and the movies of a short span of time for best wedding experience.

Wedding video editing

Editing the complete video frames and aligning them together with the proper output is quite a complex one. Our team of experts who are recognized as the best video editors has ultimately provided the most amazing scribbles of motion frames.

Kerala Wedding photography

The wedding provides you the symbolic love of being together for the whole century. As a couple the most comfort zone will be in the homely conditions and as this prevails to be the perfect Kerala style. tradition.

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The days of the new era have begun and the introduction of gadgets created a unique identity for every digital studio’s. Here, in the Azura wedding photography studio we’ve equipped most of the latest gadgets to stay connected and cover up every possible shot. Our services vary from wedding photography, cinematography, videography, candid photography, destination wedding, celebrity wedding events etc

Wedding Photograhy